Course details

[Weekdays] lunch course B 2 hour


Separate receive the consumption tax in addition to the list price.

  • 2persons
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day before the desired date 20

Lunch Tuesday to Friday (except holidays) (11:30 to 14:30), is a course where I am especially the platter cuisine.Please make your reservation in advance because it is by appointment.

Course menu

■ lunch menu

- Raw ham, jellyfish-filled salad

· Subgum shark's fin soup

- Seafood salty fried

·Stir fried beef with oyster sauce

·Fried rice

- Fried wontons and mini Shaomai


■ lunch drink

·100 yen

Coffee (hot / ice)

Ice Oolong tea

Orange juice

Calpis Water

- 150 yen

Chinese tea pot 1

Iron Kannon / Jasmine / Pu'er

2018/06/29 update